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    Norges Grunnlov 1814:

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    Europabevegelsen's beretning 1969-70

    EU er konkurs.

    Independendt UK
    Liberalt nei til EU
    Nei til EU

    Makten deler neppe sine planer med utenforstående, og setter et "paranoya stempel" på sine motstandere, jfr Synnøve Taftø.

    Bastesen's trontale om Bilderbergerne på Stortinget

    Nationens eu-måling

    EØS forræderiet

  • Germany's € debt increases-


    2.537  Euro a second.

    152.220  Euro a minute.

    9.133.200  Euro an hour.

    219.196.800  Euro in 24 hours.

    1.534.377.600  Euro in a week.  (1,534 Milliarder Euro)

    6.137.510.400  Euro in month. (6,137 Milliarder Euro)

    73,644  Milliarder  Euro in a year. 

    This number multiplied by 8, wicth is norwgeian kroner NKR,- gives us unbelivable debt increace at

    589,152 Milliarder norwegian kroner. a year.

    Germany's total debt is so far at unbelivable big;

    1.451,314 Milliarder Euro.  (11.610,512 Milliarder NKR)

    You can play at this figures, by adding Germany's debt increases in advance, to the future.
    It looks very dark and total emthyness in all of the germans wallets.

    This is one frightning study in economic suicide to the German country.

    Are you willing to camble your hard earned, saved money on this?

    Are you willing to camble the Norwegian Oil fortune on this?

    Are you willing to offer your own country in such nonsens as EU?

    Look for yourself, the German debt counter.

    Der aktuelle Schuldenstand in Schleswig Holstein

    A responce from Germany

    This, the European movement in Norway does not speak about, neigther the newspapers, broadcasting Radio, NRK TV, TV2 or the main paperstreet in Oslo, Akersgata telling us about. WHY? The NO to EU organisation (NEI til EU) does not eighter. They have 25000 members and get 5 million kroners a year to do this job. They act alike a sweet sleep pillow in this matter. Are the leadership in this Norwegian organisation (NEI TIL EU) No to EU, instead Yes to the union? It seems its so. If they was serious in this matter they shud be the first to warn the norwegian people about the corrrupted and big distance between earn and debt in Germany.

    OUT of EØS and never join the EU-union, is the norwegian folks referendum twice, 1972 and 1994.

    This site was developed at 7. february 2005 with this figures as status.

    With this figures in mind, in practise means "pro einwhoner" each germans debt is minus 141.585 norwegian kroners a day.

    This figures will look quite different comparing to Norwegian economy.
    Norway is pluss 218.000,- kr pro einwhoner

    If there exist any people, groups- who have such noble, hero, nice motives to join this "harmageddon", let us know.

    Responding from Germany

    Hovedsiden Europabevegelsen's beretning 1969-70 Verdensordenen

    Grunnlovens §§ 1, 112 og Straffelovens § 83

    Folkeaksjonen mot EU-medlemskap

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