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  • Sannheten om oljereservene.

    "The claim that there is a maximum in the extraction of oil is in fact a coup and a lie of the global elite".

    For this reason, we are told that the expected energy gap should be resolved through less consumption and demand for other alternatives, such as renewable energy. We leave the oil as soon as possible because it will end soon.

    We are saying that oil was formed hundreds of millions of years, which exists in a fixed amount, and when we have extracted the last drop, will be finished forever the era of oil.

    But what would happen if all this story has no foundation and it is all a myth? What if the fuel oil was not produced from fossil fuels, does not spring from extinct organisms, but was otherwise? And if the oil, after all, exists in abundance and continues to be formed continuously over the earth? And if there is no energy crisis and no "Peak Oil"?

    Peak Oil is Here

    The statement that there would be a peak in oil extraction was reported in a panic, already in 1919, although that time has not yet called "Peak Oil" (this is only a new label). At that time, it was claimed by the "experts" that oil would not arrive for the next 20 years. What happened in reality? Since then, the date upon which the oil has always been driven to the future, and today, 90 years later, we still have oil, but the extraction and consumption have been increasing every year.

    The Oil Abiótico (not fossil)

    Where did, after all, the story of that oil would have come from fossils of living organisms and would therefore biotic? Russian geologist Mikhail Lomonosov had this idea for the first time in 1757: "The oil comes from small bodies of animals and plants, enclosed in sediments under high pressure and temperature are transformed into oil after an unthinkable". We do not know what observations led him to say this, only this theory has never been confirmed and is accepted without evidence for over 200 years and taught in universities.


    But we never found fossils of animals or plants in oil reserves. This lack of evidence shows that the theory of fossil fuel is only a belief without any scientific basis. Geologists that spread the theory of fossil fuel, still have not submitted any proof of the transformation of bodies in oil.

    One of the elements present

    on earth in our solar system is carbon. We human beings are formed largely of carbon, as well as all other creatures and plants on the planet. And in at least 10 planets and moons of our solar system were found large quantities of oil, the basis for oil.

    The Cassini spacecraft discovered when passing near Titan, Saturn's moon, it is filled with liquid
    hydrocarbons. But there is no life there to produce the oil, they must be the result of some other chemical processing. Due to its particular configuration atomic carbon has the ability to form complex molecules and features, among all the chemical elements, the greater complexity of chemical bonds.

    Here on Earth, the continental plates floating on an unimaginable amount of hydrocarbons. Deep in the Earth's mantle appear, under certain temperature, pressure and appropriate conditions, large quantities of hydrocarbons. The limestone is transformed into an inorganic chemical process. The resulting hydrocarbons are lighter than the layers of soil and sedimentary rock, so go up through the cracks of the earth and build up in layers of impermeable crust.

    The hot magma is the supplier of energy to this geological phenomenon. The result gives the name of abiotic oil, because it arose not from the decomposition of biological forms of life, but by a chemical process inside the Earth. And this process happens continuously. The oil is produced continuously.

    Some of the arguments most relevant to prove that the oil is of abiotic origin (non-fossil):

    - The oil is extracted from great depths, exceeding 13 km. This totally contradicts the thesis of fossils, as the remains of marine life never reached such depths and temperature (very high) would have destroyed any organic material.

    - The oil reserves, which should be empty since the 70's, back to fill up again for themselves. The oil reserves can not explain this phenomenon. Can only be explained by the incessant production of abiotic oil inside the earth.

    - The amount of oil extracted in the last 100 years exceeds the amount of oil that could have been formed through the biomass. There was never plant and animal material enough to be turned into so much oil. Only a process of manufacture of hydrocarbons within the Earth can explain this huge amount.

    - When we look at the large oil reserves in the world is well known that they occur where tectonic plates are in contact with each other or moving. In these regions there are numerous cracks, an indication that the oil comes from the interior of the earth and migrates slowly through the openings to the surface.

    Plate Tectonics

    - In laboratory conditions have been created similar to those that predominate in the depths of the planet. It was possible to produce methane, ethane and propane. These experiments prove that hydrocarbons can be formed inside the Earth through simple reactions Inorganic - not by the decomposition of dead organisms, as is generally accepted.

    - Oil can not have 500 million years and remain so fresh in the ground today. The long molecules of carbon have would be decomposed. The oil we use is recent, otherwise it would have already volatilized long. This contradicts the appearance of oil reserves, but proves the theory of abiotic oil.

    In 1970, the Russians started drilling at great depths, surpassing the 13,000 meters. Since then, Russian oil majors, including Iukos, drilled over 310 wells and extract oil there. Last year, Russia surpassed the extraction of the world's largest producer, Saudi Arabia.

    The Russians dominated the complex technique of deep drilling for over 30 years and explore inexhaustible reserves of oil in the deep Earth. This fact is ignored by the West. The Russians have proven to be totally false the explanation of Western geologists that oil would be the result of decomposed organic material.

    In the 40 and 50, the Russian experts have discovered, to their surprise, the oil reserves are refilled by themselves and under. They concluded that oil is produced deep in the earth and migrates upwards, where it accumulates. Could prove this through deep drilling.

    However, in 90 years, Russia was so ahead of the West in technology for deep drilling, which Wall Street banks and the Rockefeller and Rothschild provided money to Mikhail Khodorkovsky on a mission to buy the company Iukos by 309
    million dollars to obtain the know-how of deep drilling.

    Can now understand why President Vladimir Putin has returned to Iukos and other oil back to Russian hands. This was critical economically to Russia, and Putin expelled and arrested some Russian oligarchs.

    However, the so-called "scientists", lobbyists, journalists on the payroll and the politicians want us to believe that the end of oil is coming, supposedly because the production has already peaked and is now declining. Of course, the intention is to create a climate that justifies the high price of oil and therefore gain huge profits.

    It is now known that oil can be exploited almost everywhere, provided that it is willing to invest in high cost of deep drilling. Any country can become independent of energy. Simply, the owners of oil-dependent countries and want to pay high prices for imported oil.

    The claim that there is a maximum in the extraction of oil is in fact a coup and a lie of the global elite. It is building a shortage and an expensive artificial. It's all about business, profit, power and control.

    Moreover, it is absolutely clear to everyone that Iraq was invaded because of oil. Only it was not to extract the oil, but rather to prevent the Iraqi oil to flood the market and prices fall. Before the war with Iraq, drew six million barrels per day, and today does not reach two million. The difference was withdrawn from the market. Saddam Hussein threatened to extract huge amounts of oil and flood the market.

    This meant his death sentence, and for this reason Iraq was attacked and Saddam hanged. Now the U.S. has troops there permanently. No one has license to explore oil in the country with the second largest oil reserve in the world. Therefore, Iran, with the third-largest oil reserves in the world, is now also threatened by wanting to build "weapons of mass destruction".



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